Tuesday, october 10, 2017

6:00 pm-9:00 pm  Welcome Reception

InterContinental Hotel Chicago
King Arthur Court, 3rd Floor
505 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

wednesday, october 11, 2017

8:00 am-5:00 pm  Analytics Symposium

5:00 pm-6:00 pm Happy Hour

Moderated by Bill Franks, IIA Chief Analytics Officer

The Gleacher Center, Room 621
450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr
Chicago, IL 60611


8:00 am - Breakfast, Networking, Registration

8:45 am - Welcome
Jack Phillips, CEO, IIA
Jack will welcome attendees and review the key themes, speakers, and guests for the day.

9:00 am - Keynote: It's Not About the Algorithm
Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics & Data Officer, Morgan Stanley
Jeff will discuss the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in trying to leverage data, analytics and the emerging capabilities of artificial intelligence to achieve real and sustainable business transformation. He will share his experiences on where and how companies need to think and act differently and where traditional approaches to business management still matter (a lot).  And most importantly, he will talk of the practical realties of building smarter organizations that combine the best of analytical practices with the deep knowledge and experience of each individual to promote an environment in which the best decisions are made each day.

9:50 am - Keynote: ARTful Leadership – New Answers for New Challenges
Eric McNultyDirector of Research and Professional Programs and Program Faculty, NPLI
The most competitive organizations, today and tomorrow, prize Adaptive capacity, Resilience, and high levels of Trust (ART). ARTful leadership is critical within analytics organizations and analytics is central to fostering this leadership across the larger enterprise.

10:30 am - Networking Break

10:50 am - ANNY Winner and Finalists
Presented by Jack Phillips and Bill Franks
The 2017 ANNY finalists – Bank of America Merchant Services, Cisco, and Navistar – will briefly present. CEO Jack Phillips to award ANNY winner.

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:05 pm - Case Study: Making Analytics Fly
Doug GrayDirector of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is leveraging a growing community of award-winning analytics professionals, ample data, and state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies on projects that utilize the spectrum of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, and span the large majority of enterprise functions, to create and sustain a strategic competitive advantage. Doug will address Southwest’s journey to date and future plans for the use of analytics, and highlight the organizational models, methodologies, techniques, and technologies being utilized. Two award-winning solution case studies will be highlighted: Fuel Supply Chain Optimization & Irregular Ops Recovery Optimization.

1:50 pm - Recent Advances in Machine Learning with Applications to Internet of Things (IoT)
Adam McElhinney, Head of Data Science, Uptake Technologies
The proliferation of sensor technologies has resulted in more connected machines than ever before. This change is resulting in huge quantities of sensor data becoming available for analysis. Machine learning algorithms have resulted in a mixed track record of success with these data sources. Adam will give an overview of the state of machine learning as applied to IoT and industrial equipment. It will discuss some of the challenges with current approaches, exciting theoretical advancements and some "lessons learned" from the field.

2:30 pm - Networking Break

2:50 pm - Keynote: Analytics Innovation in Healthcare
Maryam Saleh, Entrepreneur in Residence at Abundant Venture Partners and Advisor at Matter
Maryam will describe current trends in healthcare that have opened an opportunity for data analytics startups. She'll weave in her experience developing analytics software for the brain at Cyberkinetics and describe some of the other healthcare startups she's encountered in her role at health tech incubator MATTER. 

3:30 pm - The Road to Optimization
Jack Levis, Senior Director of Process Management, UPS
UPS has gone through a long evolution in moving up the analytical hierarchy which required organizational commitment and significant process change. UPS has seen a reduction of 185 million miles driven per year by integrating analytics within its operations’ systems. Its award-winning dispatch optimization tool ORION (On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation) completed deployment in 2016 and is saving $300M to $400M annually. Jack will share his experiences and best practices to compete with analytics, requiring organizational support in the form of data, tools, and senior management commitment.

4:15 pm - Reinvention in the Age of Analytics - A Decade's Worth of Insights
Tom Davenport 
and Jeanne Harris, Co-Founder, IIA and Authors
What’s changed since their seminal book, Competing on Analytics, was published 10 years ago and what do leaders need to do to stay ahead of the game in the next decade.

5:00 pm - Happy Hour